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"We were floored when we heard this band would be gracing our stage, and happy to see more familiar faces. We met their lead signer front row at a Greta Van Fleet concert just over a year ago. His Mom caught Danny Wagner's drumstick as it flew through the crowd during the last song. Maybe there was some magic imbued in it because the music these guys make oozes classic psychedelic funk genius; Like your ears travelled through time, back to the golden era of rock and roll. Silas Presley; lovers, peacemakers, timeless creators."

-Carter Happy, Organizer, Mango Fest, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (2023)


"The Silas Presley Band was amazing!! Every piece of the band played their part perfectly, and it was so much fun to witness that love for music being perfectly executed on stage."

 -Gavin Penner, Organizer, Neubergthal Heritage Foundation, Manitoba, Canada (2022)


"Silas Presley and his band put on a great performance. His writing style is very original and enjoyable to listen to."

 -Richard Houle, Organizer, Bankside Music Festival, Manitoba, Canada (2022)