1. Real Job

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Real Job

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Everybody's working that nine to five
And they're all living just the same life
It's my real job
Head in the clouds
You got me thinkin' 'bout all of that doubt

Someone always asks what do you want to be
Well I just tell them I want to be me
And the music is me
Maybe it's not for you
If I see you later I'll know just what to do

As I fade away I know I'm gonna leave this world someday
Scared you won't remember who I was; what I am today
I just gotta leave my mark on all of your pretty hearts
(Ah, ah, ah)

My passion's pretty clear
My energy's free
Been doing this through high school
No end to see
It's my real job
Head in the clouds
Peace and love forever
That's what it's all about